End the pain of dealing with sound during game sessions.

We all know how sound is important to immersion, but creating a really good experience takes time. It can distract you from more important things and break the rhythm of the game. Rolesound is here to help you.

*free trial for a month
*30 Day Refund Guarantee.
*$14.99 only during beta!


  • Automatic crossfading

    Whenever a sound starts or ends, Rolesound fades it to ensure continuity in your atmosphere.

  • Categories

    Your sounds are sorted in categories with 3 slightly different behaviours. Combine Music, Environment and Events to immerse your players more than ever.

  • Mood balance

    Whether your environment is a simple windy background or a complicated mix of sounds, you can bring all of it up or down in just one slide and control how it balances with the music.

  • Profiles

    Have multiple profiles for multiple games and never worry about losing your configuration: everything you do is saved immediately.

  • Instant overview

    Every sound currently playing can be seen in the overview area. No matter how many sounds you have, you'll know in one glance the sounds that are playing right now.

  • Frequent sounds

    Your most frequently played sounds are always easy to spot. Even in a profile loaded with many sounds, you'll get to the ones you need most in a split second.

  • If you get slowed down by sound management when you run tabletop sessions, Rolesound is for you.

    As GMs, we usually have to handle many things at the same time. Sound shouldn't be one of them: we shouldn't stop to look around for a file, we shouldn't be lost in a sea of small windows, and we shouldn't break the mood by abruptly stopping a music and starting another one.

    Rolesound frees you from manually dealing with sound during a game. You'll never have to worry about sound again: it will take care of itself.

    *free trial for a month
    *30 Day Refund Guarantee.
    *$14.99 only during beta!
    Any questions? Ask away at help@rolesound.com