How much does Rolesound cost?

Rolesound is currently in beta and costs $14.99. After the beta, the price will increase.

Can I use Rolesound on more than one computer?

Yes. You just need to install the Chrome app and log into your account. But please encourage your GM friends to buy it if they use it :)

Can I access my sounds from another computer?

No. Rolesound does not upload your sounds to the internet. We are currently working on such a feature (you will need a Google Drive account to use it).

How do I move my sounds then?

You can install Rolesound on another computer, transfer the sounds using a USB key and re-import them into Rolesound. A transfer feature is currently in development. If you would like to be notified when it's ready, let us know.

What are the compatible sound formats?

Rolesound is compatible with all the formats recognized by Google Chrome: .ogg, .wav, PCM, .aac, .mp3 and .aac. There is an up-to-date list available here. A sound format conversion feature is currently in development; in the meantime, try the excellent for all your sound conversion needs.

Any other question?

Just send us an email at We love to talk to you and help you :)